FDIC 2023

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April 27-29, 2023

STEADY-LOCK is a new feature added to our warning lightheads that allows an installer to easily set the flash pattern to Steady, when used with one of Whelen’s CenCom Core™ control systems

As more fleets begin to use control systems to drive the flash patterns of connected devices, Whelen recognized the need to reduce installation time. Our engineers worked to develop technology that automatically sets our lightheads to Steady, saving installers time on every lighthead and depending on the configuration, saving them frustration too.

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M Series™

With a unique lens shape and patented Linear-LED® designed reflector assembly, M Series lightheads are completely illuminated for unmatched high-intensity warning and low current consumption.

M Series Lightheads


  • SAE Class 1 Certified (warning)
  • Available in single or split-colors
  • Available with Clear or Color lenses
  • Choose from multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including CA Title 13 compliant patterns
  • Meets KKK-1822F, NFPA 1901, NFPA 1917, SAE, and EC65 specifications
  • DUO™ models include DVI™ light patterns and our patented E Block™ technology
  • Choose flash patterns from solid, left/right, top/bottom, in/out, or diagonal sequencing
  • Brake/Tail/Turn, Turn, and Back-Up lights meet applicable SAE requirements
  • Available in steady-burn or with an internal flasher
  • Warning lights with internal flasher have sync and low-power functions
  • Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from sand, sun, salt, and road chemicals
  • Surface mount via two screws for easy installation
  • A variety of mounting brackets and optional Chrome or Black flanges are available
  • Five-year warranty

Dimensions (including flange)

  • M2 – 2.70″ W x 0.94″ D x 4.27″ L
  • M4 – 3.38″ W x 1.40″ D x 5.49″ L
  • M6 – 4.31″ W x 1.40″ D x 6.70″ L
  • M7 – 3.38″ W x 1.40″ D x 7.64″ L
  • M9 – 6.51″ W x 1.40″ D x 10.34″ L
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Scene Lighting

Our scene lights feature high-intensity illumination with expanded options and functionality, providing powerful scene lighting solutions for every situation.

M9 EZ Scene Lights™

Our best-in-class M Series™ lightheads just got better. The new M9 EZ features expanded zone efficiency, enhanced optics, and increased functionality. Select from multiple turn-on styles and low power settings for more efficient lighting output and performance. The M9 EZ’s dynamic functionality lets you shine the light where you need it the most. M Series lightheads feature a unique lens shape and patented Linear-LED® reflector assembly for unmatched high-intensity illumination with low current consumption.


  • Selectable turn-on functionality
    • Select between multiple turn-on styles from instant to gradual
  • Low Power
    • Three situational illumination settings provide lighting for any scenario
      • 25%, 50%, and 75%
  • Identical mounting footprint for easy installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
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900 EZ Scene Lights™

Our premium 900 Series scene lights provide optimal versatility and performance. Now available with added features and functionality, the 900 EZ Series scene lights have expanded options and configurations, including multiple turn-on styles and situation-specific low power settings.


  • New optic design optimizes light dispersion
    • Selectable turn-on functionality
  • Select between multiple turn-on styles ranging from instant to gradual
  • Low Power
    • Three situational illumination settings provide lighting for any scenario
      • 25%, 50%, 75%
  • Identical mounting footprint for easy installation
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PEL2 (Perimeter Enhancement Lights)

Delivering downward projected, high intensity white ground lighting to illuminate the work area around emergency and utility vehicles, Perimeter Enhancement Lights have a multi-purpose design that can be utilized in a variety of applications.

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WeCanX® 2250

Powerful. Configurable. IP67 Rated

Our newest lightbar, the WeCanX® 2250, packs more power into a sleeker design. Combining the performance and reliability of our ION™-T Series with the customization and control of WeCanX®, its versatility makes it an ideal lighting solution for a wide range of applications. WeCanX 2250 is slimmer than our 4500 series, provides warning options and allows aerial recognition. Add the optional Load Light module and the 2250 illuminates ground area as well.

Product Features:

  • Utilizes powerful ION-T™ Series lightheads
  • IP67 rated (waterproof)
  • 3″ slimmer than 4500 series
  • Powered by WeCanX technology
  • Functionality configurable in Whelen Command
  • Lighthead configuration can be easily defined within Whelen’s WeCad Software
  • SOLO™ and DUO™ Support in Warning Light Options
  • Load Light Ground Illumination Option
  • Aerial Recognition Option
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Tracer™ WeCanX®

A thoughtful redesign of the popular light arrays, the Tracer™ WeCanX® provides significant improvements in functionality, configurability, and performance. Engineered to increase vehicle visibility, the Tracers now connect over the WeCanX network and offer more customization than ever before. Enhanced optics provide dynamic lighting output and control. Lightheads are daisy-chained together in lengths of one to six modules, with each module containing four individually controlled segments for contiguous lighting display and expanded configuration to meet a variety of needs. Upgraded lens design and IP67 rating for dust and water resistance improve performance and durability.

Tracer™ WeCanX®

Control Systems

Whelen’s intelligent control systems enhance safety and situational awareness with cutting-edge technology and customization.

Whelen Cloud Platform®

The best way to keep your fleet up-to-date, enhance safety, and more.

Manage vehicle configurations and firmware updates over-the-air, create faster response times with real-time information to pinpoint vehicle locations, and easily organize your fleet and Whelen product information. All of your data is safe and available, wherever you are.

Enhance the Safety of First Responders, Roadway Workers, and Motorists with Digital Alerts

Emergency response vehicles can send digital alerts to notify approaching motorists that they’re up ahead, preparing drivers to slow down and safely navigate around emergency scenes.

Whelen now offers Responder-to-Vehicle (R2V®) Digital Alerts from HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud® service through our Vehicle Safety Gateway® and Whelen Cloud Platform®. Safety Cloud protects responders by enabling you to deliver advance-warning digital alerts to drivers notifying them when emergency vehicles are ahead. Safety Cloud alerts are received through navigation apps and vehicle infotainment systems up to 30 seconds in advance, reducing the risk of collision by up to 90% and making roadways safer for motorists and first responders.

Traffic Preemption

The Whelen Cloud Platform has now integrated with GTT’s Opticom Cloud Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) Solution. Opticom mitigates risk and expedites emergency response time by clearing intersections and giving officers the green light to respond to emergencies safely. Opticom has reduced intersection crash rates by up to 70% while enabling officers to arrive up to 25% faster.

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